USDA Provides Vital Funding

incubator-1In listening to  Gary Fisher of USDA Rural Development at the grand opening of the Greensburg SunChips Business Incubator, one thing became very clear—USDA Rural Development played a major role in helping Greensburg recover.

Coming on the scene almost immediately after the tragedy of May 4, 2007, USDA rural development began a systematic process of helping to evaluate and fund many recovery projects.

As the lead federal agency serving rural America, USDA Rural Development aims to increase economic opportunity in rural America and improve quality of life for all rural Americans.

Working as early as providing funding for the Greensburg Water Tower in April, 2007 (with eight participating partners), they have participated in financing for several housing projects, the business incubator, the county courthouse repair, city hall, the upcoming Big Well Museum, conferences and meetings and other projects. It is projected that the USDA/Greensburg/Kiowa County initiative will provide between $60 to $75 million in USDA funding.

There’s no question that USDA’s focus on Rural Development makes the Greensburg area a shining example of a successful, fast-acting federal program.

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